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The organization shall be known as South Carroll Instrumental Boosters, Inc.



A. The organization shall be a 501(c)3 entity as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

B. This entity shall not contemplate distribution of profits or dividends to members.

C. No officer or member of this entity shall be liable for any of the debts of the entity except as such party may personally endorse or guarantee such debt for the entity.



A. To maintain appeal and morale of the Instrumental Music Department at South Carroll High School (SCHS).

B. To provide supplemental financial support for the instrumental music programs at SCHS.

C. To promote mutual cooperation between the Booster organization and faculty and administrators at SCHS and its feeder schools.

D. To advocate for students and instrumental music departments at SCHS and its feeder schools in order to produce diverse and high quality music programs and musicians.

E. To assist with recruitment of students into instrumental music programs at SCHS and its feeder schools.



A. Parents/guardians of students participating in the instrumental music programs at SCHS and its feeder schools are automatically members.

B. Student representatives from SCHS instrumental programs will be appointed as non-voting members by the Executive Committee.

C. Alumni, including graduated students previously enrolled in SCHS instrumental program(s) as well as parents/guardians who had a child enrolled in SCHS instrumental program(s).

D. Supporting members include any individual who actively supports the Boosters personally or through his/her business by making a cash or in-kind contribution of $250 or more.

E. There is no membership fee.



A. There shall be a president, vice-president, (in lieu of a vice president, two co-presidents may be elected and together fulfill the responsibilities of both positions), secretary, and treasurer elected by the organization membership on an annual basis.

B. Terms of office shall commence on July 1 and continue through June 30 of each year.

C. When an officer cannot fulfill the functions of his or her office for any reason, the officer will offer his/her resignation or be asked to tender the same. Vacancy in an officer position will be filled by an election at the next regular meeting.

D. All officers shall deliver to their successors any official material not later than ten days following the end of their term.

E. Duties of the above officers shall include, but not be limited to:

a. President: shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee, preside at Executive Committee and membership meetings, appoint ad hoc committees, nominate the Chair for the Nominating & Governance Committee for approval by the Executive Committee, and be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President has the authority to modify the budget or approve an unbudgeted expense up to $250.

b. Vice-President: shall assume the duties of the president in his or her absence and assist the president as needed; shall be Chair of the Program and Recruitment Committees.

c. Secretary: shall keep the minutes of the general membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings; shall maintain a log of standing rules; and shall handle all correspondence; shall be Chair of the Communications Committee.

d. Treasurer shall pay all bills; shall have full, written reports at all monthly meetings; shall prepare and present a budget for approval no later than the August meeting; shall present a financial overview of the full year at the May meeting; shall maintain student account records, and shall be Chair of the Fundraising Committee.



A. At the March Booster meeting, the president shall request that the Nominating and Governance Committee identify and secure at least one suitable candidate for each office.

B. The Nominating & Governance Committee shall report to the general membership at the April meeting.

C. Nominations from the floor will be considered only at the May meeting, and nominees must have given consent prior to the meeting.

D. The members present at the May meeting subject to stipulations in Article X shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of electing new officers. A simple majority of those present is required for the election of any officer. In the case of a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.



A. Regular meetings of the organization shall be held in the Band Room at SCHS or other suitable and publicized location. Dates of the regular meetings will be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the beginning of the new school year.

B. Minimally, meetings will be held on a monthly basis from August through June.

C. A member of the Executive Committee may call special meetings of the organization when he or she deems it in the best interest of the organization. Notices of such meetings shall be communicated at least ten (10) days before the scheduled date for such special meetings.



A. The following committees shall be standing and committee members (except the Executive Committee which shall be elected by the membership) shall be appointed by the Executive Committee:

a. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Will be comprised of the officers of the organization and will work with faculty and administrators at SCHS, its feeders schools, and Carroll County Public Schools to fulfill the objectives of the organization, ensure proper annual plans are developed and implemented, comply with all regulatory requirements, and resolve any unforeseen or emergency situations that arise. A majority of the Committee has the authority to modify the budget up to $1,000 without seeking approval from the Membership.

b. FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: Will develop and implement an annual plan and schedule of fundraising activities to satisfy requirements of the approved budget. The plan shall be submitted for approval no later than the August Boosters meeting and be updated as needed.

c. RECRUITMENT COMMITTEE: Will develop and implement an annual plan to work with parents, faculty, administrators, and students at SCHS and its feeder schools to attract new students into instrumental music programs and retain existing students. The plan shall be submitted for approval no later than the August Boosters meeting and be updated as needed.

d. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Will coordinate with the instrumental music director(s), officers, and Committees to establish an annual plan and schedule for programming which will include but is not limited to content of the programs, student performances at the school and in the community, competitions, clinics, joint performances, guest performances, uniform management, and trips. The plan shall be submitted for approval no later than the August Booster meeting and be updated as needed.

e. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Will ensure all constituents and the community at large remain informed about the activities and events organized by the instrumental music department and the Boosters using all means available including social media, the Booster website, local media, and CCPS communication channels. Will oversee Booster communication channels including the website and social media.

f. NOMINATING & GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: Will ensure proper succession plans are in order by nominating viable candidates for officer positions at the April Booster meeting and ensure the Booster organization operates in an ethical manner, complies with its own rules, and satisfies federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. The Committee shall have 3 members and the chair will be nominated by the President and approved by the Executive Committee.

g. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Shall be responsible to award approved scholarships. The Committee shall consist of an odd number of members (up to five), in addition to the Chairperson who may be selected from the general membership or Executive Committee. The Chairperson and the Instrumental Music Director(s) shall be responsible for publicizing scholarship opportunities and receipt of scholarship applications. Parents of graduating seniors are excluded from serving on the Committee. Each Committee member except the chairperson is entitled to one (1) vote with regard to the award of scholarship funds.



A. These by-laws may be amended as the organization deems fit.

B. A majority of the Executive Committee will consider amendments before being presented to the Membership.

C. All amendments require a thirty (30) day notice following Executive Committee review before a vote can be taken.

D. A two-thirds majority vote of those members present shall be required to implement an amendment.



A. A quorum shall be those members in attendance at regular, special, or emergency meetings of which two must be officers with one being either the President or Vice President. A majority of the quorum present will be necessary to take any action on matters presented before the organization.

B. At all meetings, except for the election of officers and directors, votes shall be by voice. For election of officers, ballots shall be provided. Information that might tend to identify the person casting the ballot shall not appear any place on such ballot.

C. No voting for officers will be necessary in the event that each officer is running unopposed.



A. For any issue or instance not addressed by these bylaws, refer to Parliamentary Procedure (Robert’s Rules of Order).

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