Honors Orchestra Earns Outstanding Rating

Congratulations to the South Carroll HS Honors Orchestra for earning an Outstanding (II) rating at today's Instrumental Music Adjudication Festival!

Although not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects, this score indicates a performance of distinctive quality comparable to a percentage of 90-95.

Some comments from the panel of judges:

  • "Rhythmic precision is very good."

  • "Balance is generally quite good."

  • "I appreciate the focus on the director during the two minutes of sightreading preparation."

  • "Group was very respectful."

  • "A solid fundamental performance – keep working toward the little bit more that will improve your outcome."

Kudos to the students for their hard work, perseverance, and attention to detail to prepare a difficult program of music!

In addition to participating in this adjudication festival, the SCH music department also hosted the three-day event. I received numerous compliments from visiting band/orchestra directors, judges, and parents about how polite and professional the SCH students who assisted with the festival were. This is a great reflection of our Cavalier Character and reminder of what wonderful students we have in the SCH music program.