August Marching Band Reminders



Have Fun

Don't Get Hurt We created this motto 'on the fly' a few years ago. At the time, we all thought it was funny, but none of us realized what a good job we had done. Four years later, I continue to marvel at how well it captures our marching band mission and priorities, even as our program grows. We had an awesome band camp this year. Everyone was focused and respectful during rehearsals. Everyone did their best to positively contribute to creating an entertaining show. I think everyone had fun, and we only had one significant injury. (One more than I'd like, but accidents happen...) I need everyone to remain focused as we transition to our evening rehearsals and prepare for our first public performances.

Before our next evening rehearsal, please:

  • Listen to the show music ( at least twice.

  • Spend as much time as necessary to re-memorize the show music.

  • Play the show music from memory with the recordings at least three time in a row without making a mistake. (Yes - the ENTIRE show.) Is this hard? Yes. Can you do it? Yes.

Finally - several folks let me know that there were unaware of some upcoming events. I understand that we're constantly bombarded with information, but here's how you can stay informed:

  • Rehearsals and performance dates were included in the information that students and parents received last April.

  • Check out the calendar at and/or

  • Reminders, details, and any changes will alway be sent via email, Remind 101, via Facebook and can be found on

Here's the schedule for the next two weeks:

  • August 24 - Rehearsal at SCH from 6 - 8PM

  • August 26 - Performance in Mt. Airy

  • Time: 5 - 6PM

  • Start at:

Calvary United Methodist Church

403 S. Main Street

Mount Airy, MD 21771

End at:

Train station

  • Wear: Black Marching t-shirt or black t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers

  • Perform: “This is My Country,”, “Cadence,” and “Beatles Show (Standing still - omit percussion intro to second tune)”

  • Bring your instrument (no marimba/xylophone). School will not be open on Saturday.

  • August 29 - Rehearsal at SCH from 6 - 8PM

  • August 30 - Rehearsal at SCH from 6 - 8PM

  • September 1 - Rehearsal and Varsity FB Game from 3 - 9:30PM