Marching Band Kudos

Congratulations to the 2017 Cavalier Marching Band for a great first competition in many years! This was the first competition where our scores were announced and we were ranked against other bands of similar size and experience. To rank third and win 'best visuals' on our first outing tells me that we're on the right path. However, scores and rankings are only a small part of the picture. You may not remember the scores or rankings in twenty or thirty years, but you will remember what it felt like to be a part of a team that strove for excellence. You'll remember the friends you made. You'll understand the relationship between individual responsibility and teamwork. That's what it's about and why I'm so pleased with how you did at our first competition. Let me explain...

Represent. Entertain. Have fun. Don't get hurt.

First and foremost, you represented. Everyone was on the buses early. Everyone helped each other. Everyone was respectful of the other bands who were competing. Win! I was in the audience during your performance and heard the enthusiastic applause and positive comments. I saw your faces right after the show - they were the faces of performers who gave everything they had for the sake of an excellent performance. Your efforts definitely connected with the audience. Win! The competition was both mentally and physically taxing but you rose to the challenge. I talked with many of you during the course of the day to see how you were doing. Based on your individual responses and my observations, you enjoyed being part of something larger than yourself and giving your all to make it successful. I have the pictures to prove it. Win!

Unfortunately, we did have a few minor injuries today. I'm glad that they were all performance-related and not due to horsing-around. Nonetheless, the staff will discuss what we can do to reduce future performance injuries. Partial Win.

Thank you to everyone who made our first competition a success!


In the 1980s, South Carroll High School had one of the largest marching bands in the region. However, the marching band dwindled and eventually died in the early 2000s due to a variety of factors. Fortunately, construction of the new South Carroll High School fine arts wing in 2010 brought new life to the instrumental music program as well as other arts programs, including drama and chorus.

In 2013, the South Carroll Band Boosters and Band Director John Stevenson partnered with faculty, parents, alumni, business sponsors, and community organizations to organize a campaign called "Bring Back the Band" to raise funds to re-establish the South Carroll High School marching band.

In 2014, the South Carroll High School fielded their first marching band in over a decade. They performed a limited show at home varsity football games.

The band began attending competitions in 2015 and 2016 for 'comments only'. By 2017 the band had matured enough that they began competing for ratings and rankings.