Fall Fruit Fundraiser

Help support the South Carroll Instrumental Music program by participating in our annual fruit sale. We have partnered with Florida Indian River Groves to provide you with the freshest fruit available. Your fruit will be harvested the very same day it's shipped to us, ensuring that you receive fruit that is hours off of the tree. And don't forget your friends, family, and co-workers!

Mr. O'Neal and I are in the early stages of planning a performance trip to Hershey Park in the spring. The band, chorus, and orchestra will perform in a National music festival. They will participate in an adjudicated concert performance, mini-clinic, and receive written and taped comments from Nationally recognized music education professionals.

The South Carroll Instrumental Music Boosters and I are committed to helping make this trip affordable for all students. As such, we have decided that 75% of all profits from the fall Florida Indian River Groves fruit fundraiser will go defray the cost of the spring trip or other future program expenses.

Order online at - www.floridaindianrivergroves.com/ecommerce/813517.

The deadline for all sales is 2:20PM on Friday November 9, 2022. This is a hard deadline.

We strongly encourage customers close to South Carroll HS to choose 'Deliver to Organization' to have their orders delivered to the High School at no cost. Items will arrive prior to winter break and we will inform customers a few days before they arrive so that they can pick them up when they arrive.

Thank you! We appreciate your support.