Instrument Upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade your instrument to an intermediate or professional level instrument?

Most students start their musical careers with a quality student-level instrument, either rented or purchased. At a certain point in their musical development (usually between the first and second year of playing) many students find they’re ready to upgrade to a high-quality performance level instrument.

Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading:

  • Higher quality materials, design, and manufacturing standards improve instrument response, tone, and intonation (playing in tune)

  • Advanced features, such as additional keys/mechanisms facilitate the performance of more challenging music

  • Improved performance on a higher quality instrument provides positive feedback and builds student self-confidence

  • Students often take more pride in their new, higher quality instruments and are more responsible with them

  • The entire ensemble will sound better

Upgrading is a significant monetary investment in your child’s future music education and must be considered carefully before making any decisions.

Even if you choose not to invest in an intermediate or professional instrument, better quality accessories, such as mouthpieces, ligatures, bows, and reeds will facilitate your child’s musical achievement and enhance their musical experience. If you are thinking about upgrading your child’s instrument and/or accessories, please consult your child's teacher for input to help you choose the right equipment for your child’s present and future needs.

Menchey Music has created a great website that details general reasons for upgrading as well as detailed information for each instrument. You can find it here.

Disclaimer - I am featuring the Menchey Music website merely because of its quality informational content. They are an honest, reputable dealer but so are many other vendors.