MMEA All State Audition Info

Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is pleased to provide the first step in the process of the 2022-2023 Maryland All State Auditions. Auditioning for All State is the culmination of a preparation process that has spanned a student’s entire school career. Through their participation in music performing ensembles and intentional development of their technical and expressive tools, students develop critical thinking, self-reflection, and problem-solving skills which will serve them in their future life pursuits, whether or not those pursuits are musical. As a caregiver of a prospective All State musician, please contact your student’s school music educator for more information on the process. It will be through this collaboration that your child will be successful. Students, before beginning to prepare the audition music, please review the student eligibility and the materials that are now available. In addition, reach out to your school ensemble music educator/director for collaboration in this process. 2022-2023 All State Auditions

We have released the All State audition dates, including the submission windows for Senior Jazz Band, Harp, and Piano. Additional policies about nominations, registration, audition locations, and other information will be released in mid-September. Please visit the All State Auditions page for updated information. Thank you for your patience.

All State Band Audition Materials

There is a correction to the Senior tuba etudes 1 & 2 selection number. Please see the Band audition materials document on the Audition Materials page. The correction is noted in red.

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