Music In Our Schools Month Reflection

I’ve been reflecting recently about how proud I am of the music students and their progress this year and thought you should know! I hope you are hearing their musical growth too, in concerts at school and in your child’s practice sessions at home.

It’s a big part of my job to be focused on your child’s musical growth as I work each day to deliver the curriculum. But there is another unwritten curriculum that I think is just as important — one that you won’t see published by the Board of Education, but is still part of what happens in our classroom.

  • When we help students to manage their pre-performance jitters we are helping them understand and manage their own emotions.

  • When we guide students through feelings of disappointment when a performance or playing test doesn’t go as well as they expected, we are helping them to develop coping skills, perseverance and grit.

  • When we help students to be gracious when they experience success, we are teaching humility, while reinforcing empathy for others who may not have done as well.

  • When we have students study, discuss and perform music from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and influences, we are showing them how to celebrate and appreciate diversity.

  • When we make the rehearsal room a safe place to make mistakes, we teach students to take on new challenges without fear.

  • When we prepare performances, students learn how to set and work toward goals, see a task through to completion, and to understand that the biggest and best rewards are rarely instantaneous, but come as a result of dedication, focus and sustained effort. We teach them that the process is just as important as the product.

You see, music is more than just learning to play an instrument. The group dynamic and the social and emotional skills that students develop in the classroom are just as important. So as you marvel at your child’s musical growth, I encourage you to notice other ways in which they are growing too!

Sincerely, - Mr. Stevenson