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Performance Attire

Please read carefully - have all performance attire ready to wear no later than October 13th.

Standard performance attire provides a formal, uniform look for the ensemble that does not detract from the performance of the music or draw attention to the individual.


Our performance attire policy follows the established standard in use by many professional, semi-professional, and amateur ensembles across the world. This dress code is known as “Concert Black”.


As the name suggests, the defining feature of this dress code is that it is all black, without adornment of any kind. Regardless of personal style, gender, religious expression, or other factors, attire is expected to be formal, classy, elegant, modest, and above all, allow for comfort and freedom of movement to allow for the best possible performance.


What is acceptable “Concert Black” attire?

  • Black dress pants, slacks, skirt, or dress (skirt/dress length at the knee or longer)

  • If appropriate, wear a black belt with your pants/slacks, etc.

  • Black dress shirt, blouse, or dress (avoid particularly low necklines)

  • Black socks or black opaque stockings/tights

  • Black dress shoes (heels are not recommended, particularly for performers who stand to perform)

  • Jewelry is permitted, but should not be prominent

  • Good hygiene is expected, but avoid wearing fragrances


What is not​ acceptable “Concert Black” attire?

  • Jeans, sweats, warm-up pants, yoga pants, leggings, miniskirts, or shorts

  • T-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, or crop tops

  • Flip-flops, slippers, sports shoes, sneakers, black shoes with colored stripes or logos

  • White socks, colored socks, or bare feet

  • Any jewelry or accessories that might cause a visual distraction for the audience

  • Fragrances that might trigger allergies of fellow performers


By adhering to this performance attire policy, students will contribute to a visually cohesive and sophisticated concert experience while respecting the diverse identities and styles within our student body.  Adherence to this dress code policy is appreciated and contributes to the overall success of our performances. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


This performance attire policy will be enforced for all South Carroll High School instrumental music performances.  Students who are not appropriately dressed will not be permitted to perform.  Questions regarding the dress code should be handled well in advance of the first performance.


If this performance attire policy presents a hardship, please contact Mr. Stevenson at your earliest convenience.  We gladly accept donations of outgrown or no longer-needed concert attire.


The SCH Music Department has changed concert attire several times over the past few years.  Students who have a previous style of performance attire may continue to wear that attire for concerts.

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