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Participation Guidelines

Every student plays a unique and important role in the success of the ensemble. All band and orchestra members are expected to attend all scheduled performances and rehearsals. We make every effort to publish the calendar of events months in advance. Additionally, reminder letters and/or e-mails will be sent home 2 – 3 weeks before scheduled events with specific information.


Absences may be honored if the following procedure is followed:

  1. A note is received from the student’s parent or guardian at least one week before a performance and one day before a rehearsal, except in the case of an emergency.  In the event of an emergency, please contact the director at your earliest convenience.

  2. The director will review the note and indicate whether or not the absence will be excused.  If the absence is excused, the student will receive an alternative assignment to replace the concert grade.


Excuses that will not lower your child’s performance grade if given in advance of the performance include:

  1. Sickness or medical condition that prevents your child from performing, as per doctor’s order.

  2. Death in the immediate family.

  3. Religious observance.

  4. Attendance at family wedding, college graduation, or similar event whose scheduling is not controlled by the family.

  5. Other special circumstances approved by Mr. Stevenson and the building administrator.


Non-school related sports events will not be excused.


If you think that there may be a conflict with a scheduled concert or rehearsal, please contact Mr. Stevenson at your earliest convenience so that the matter can be resolved in the best interests of your child and the ensemble.  Students who fail to attend a rehearsal or performance responsibility without an approved note from a parent or guardian will have their final marking period grade lowered.


There are many students involved in the performing ensembles at South Carroll High School.  If transportation to a performance is a problem, please let the director know as soon as possible so that alternate transportation arrangements can be made.


Finally, it is expected that all students remain for the entire performance, both for educational reasons and out of courtesy to the other students who have worked so hard on their portion of the program.

Participation Flow Chart

If you have a participation conflict, please refer this the following flow chart.  This has been developed with input from, and approved by, the SCH Administration and Athletic Director.


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