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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

More than 60 years ago, Bing Crosby released his hit version of the holiday song, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Originally written to encourage peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis, this iconic holiday classic has been remade in virtually every genre and language and performed by countless singers.

The song simply and repeatedly asks, "Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?"

I bear no resemblance to Bing Crosby or the original, musical or otherwise, but share the same curiosity. Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear?

Unlike other school curricula, for most parents, music is a foreign language. Like your child, you studied math, language, science, and the like in school. You likely know what to look for and can offer suggestions and homework help if needed, even if it is unwanted. The same can't always be said for music, where most parents have no shared experience or training from which to draw.

But I do. So, let me tell you what I hear and see.

I hear sounds of blending and balance. I hear harmonies starting to emerge. I hear ensembles that are beginning to coalesce. I hear sounds of musical expression starting to happen.

I see students working hard every day. I see the focus in their eyes and the joy in their hearts. I see respect and kindness daily. I see upper-level students acting as role models and younger students acting as sponges.

In other words, I see and hear growth every day. It might not be as apparent to you, but trust me - I see and hear it every day. Ask your child to share what they've been learning, or better yet ask them to play you a little of what they've learned.

I look forward to seeing you on December 19th and the SCHS Winter Instrumental Music Concert when the results of their efforts will be presented publicly.


- Mr. Stevenson


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