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Step up Instrument Information

Just high school baseball players wouldn’t think of using the same lightweight bat and small glove they used in elementary school, high school instrumentalists have long since outgrown their beginner-quality instruments and should seriously consider upgrading to more appropriate intermediate or professional quality instruments.

Upgrading to a better instrument is quite common, as beginner-quality instruments have some definite limitations. Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading:

· Higher quality materials, design and manufacturing standards improve instrument response, tone, and intonation (playing in tune)

· Advanced features, such as additional keys/mechanisms facilitate the performance of more challenging music

· Improved performance on a higher quality instrument provides positive feedback and builds student self-confidence

· Students often take more pride in their new, higher quality instrument and are more responsible with them

Upgrading is a significant monetary investment in your child’s future music education and must be considered carefully. You can find a complete list of recommended instrument brands in the SCH Instrumental Music Handbook at

Even if your choose not to invest in an intermediate or professional instrument, better quality accessories, such as mouthpieces, ligatures, bows, and reeds will facilitate your child’s musical achievement and enhance their musical experience. You can find a complete list of required and recommended accessories to enhance your child’s musical experience in the SCH Instrumental Music Handbook at

You can read more about the benefits of upgrading at


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